Snowflake Moment

Strawberry Shortcake came and visited me in the shower this morning- her little red head poking through the white curtain and giving me a cheesy grin.  She pointed to the bath toy stragglers lying in the bottom of the tub as one by one I handed them to her.  An army guy.  A great white shark.  3 more army guys.  I loaded them up in the Super Size Burger King cup perfect for water-dumping, and smiled at her.  By now, hundreds of tiny water droplets had collected on her wispy hair. 

My little baby angel with her crown of water diamonds. 

I cupped her small face in my hands and pressed my lips to her squishy cheeks, knowing full well that in minutes those bath toys would be strewn about the house (and indeed they were) and that soon I’d be rushing around with all the day’s chores.  And I thought to myself,

I’ll never have this moment again.

This moment.  This little heavenly moment. 

Sure enough, it came and went as off she trotted out of the bathroom and onto the more important business of house-destroying.  Gone like this February snow. 

How many of these moments do I take for granted?  Piling them up like snowbanks, cursing some and wishing away others as they collect in the recesses of my memory and melt quietly away. 

 Today I savored this moment.  Tomorrow I may get caught up in the mess it left behind and the next day I may wish for a ‘bigger’ life, a life that doesn’t revolve around child-building (as if there were any bigger life than that).  But today, I take this moment and say to my God, “Thank you.”  And my heart is full.

“We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand…and melting like a snowflake.  Let us use it before it is too late.”       -Marie Edith Beynon


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